It’s been quite some time since I last wrote on this blog. My hope is to write more often from now on maybe once a week.

The last year has been my crazy journey working on startup ideas. I left my role at Akamai, where I worked on very interesting projects on the web security team, to pursue ideas that I’ve always been interested in, but never took the time to follow through. Some of the projects I’ve worked on:

  • Medviv is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-synced app that helps patients easily stay on top of their health. Medviv uses AI/ML to learn about each user’s unique situation, so it can deliver custom notifications for appointments and refills, medication updates, and personalized healthcare. Received a lot of positive feedback from Boston Scientific’s Connected Patient Challenge and was a top 6 submission with 104 crowd votes and 3.9/5 from the judges who are MDs, PhDs, and veterans in the field. I hope to launch the beta version by the end of the year or early next year.

    Beta preview:

  • RESTfender is an IoT platform to connect and secure internet of things (IoT) devices from botnets. The project is launched with a number of users. Participated in YCombinator’s Startup School and have gotten some investor attention. Had a nice interview with the Techstars Paris program, but the product wasn’t quite ready to be accelerated. Would have been nice to spend my summer/fall in Paris, but alas! I’m currently working on it on the side collecting feedback, adding features and fixing bugs.

    Tech stack: React front-end, Django/Python/Django REST Framework API, Java reverse proxy, Apache Kafka, Spark, Zookeeper, Cassandra, Postgres, and a mixture of other things. The app is also integrated with Stripe for payments.

    Demo: RESTfender

  • Finally published JigDraw in the Google Play store, which is an app where users create jigsaw puzzles using their own drawings from the app. While it’s currently open source, I plan to publish a premium version that will be $1.99. The idea is to have a marketplace where you can sell your drawings so others can use them to make their own jigsaw puzzles.

    My attempt at drawing Simba from The Lion King:

    Full Demo:

I will write a much longer post soon about all the things I learned in the time from the maxed out credit cards, nights spent wondering the meaning of life, sleeping on the floor, almost fainted on a hot day, drinking away the sorrows and craving steak. On the other hand, it was totally worth it. I learned just about everything under the sun: marketing, selling, design, psychology, etc.