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My First 100 Github Stars

Today, one of my projects reached 100 stars on Github: Android Jigsaw Puzzle. While 100 isn’t a huge number, it is a milestone every developer strives to achieve at some point. I first started this project 5 years ago, but I never took the time to complete it until 2 years ago when I finally published it on the Google Play Store.

Gym Milestone

Today marks one year that I’ve been going to the gym at least 2-3 hours per day and 5-6 days a week. These are a couple pictures I took this morning so I can compare with next year.

Some max stats:

Bench press: 240 lbs
Dead lifts: 345 lbs
Squats: 315 lbs
Lat pulldown: 210 lbs
Shoulder press: 2×75 lbs dumb bells
Bicep Curls: 2×50 lbs dumb bells


A lot of proteins (1-1.5 g of protein per lb weight), fruits, vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, string beans), egg whites, fish, chicken breast, steak, potatoes, oatmeal and rice.

And the results:

My Chest and Abs

My back

Shoulders, delts and traps

Student Pilot Certificate

This summer has been perhaps my best summer ever. While summer officially began a week ago, I’ve been making a lot of progress on projects I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time to. So far I’ve picked up the guitar, got into serious shape (close to being shredded…), hiked a few times up north, road tripped mostly around New England, Toronto, and Montreal, got rid of most of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and read almost a book per week. I’ve also been attending more meet-up groups in order to stay in the loop on new programming paradigms, AI, and machine learning.

Most exciting, today, I took the first steps in getting a private pilot license, which are getting an aviation medical exam (AME) as well as applying for a student pilot certificate through the Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) website.

Before going to the exam, I completed the FAA MedXPress application, which is pretty simple. The medical exam is just like a physical with a few more tests for hearing, vision, and color. The fee was $150. This is the only fee I’ve had to pay at this point, but I’m sure there may be more coming.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and most of it is available through a simple google search. I’ve always been fascinated with airplanes since high school and always wanted to build airplanes, but my career of course took a different path towards writing code.

I will update this post as soon as I get the actual physical certificates in the mail, which should take a couple weeks. With due time, I hope to complete my private pilot certificate and become a real pilot.

Building A Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster

I will write a much longer post about this at some point, but these are some pictures I took while building my raspberry pi 3 cluster.

I ordered a raspberry pi 3 when it came out on February 29, but it took 2 weeks to arrive and in total coincidence arrived home on pi day, 3/14.

I went to the Micro center here in Cambridge to find some more hardware to hook up my pi3, but to my surprise, I found they had several pi3’s at hand. I grabbed a few to build a cluster and this is the end result. I haven’t decided what project I will do with them, but this is just for fun for now.

Up and running:

4-node cluster:

The raspbery pi 3 unboxing:

The supplies:

The original PI:

Simple Java web server – Part 2

This is a continuation from my last post on creating a web server in Java. The first part went through some basics of the Java NIO API’s…specifically using ServerSocketChannel, Selector, and SelectionKey to setup a thread to asynchronously read and write data to a channel/client.

To try the server, I deployed a sample backbone & marionette app I was working on then using chrome to test it:

Here I have the chrome dev tools opened and we can see all the requests the browser makes to build the html page.

Some server logs

I will add some more details soon. But the goal now is to make the simple web server highly scalable then make it secure through the SSLEngine which has a sample code here: Oracle SSL Engine Demo

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