Oatfin Demo

Oatfin enables companies to deliver cloud applications faster by helping transition from manual processes to self-service automation and dev-ops practices.

Our app empowers teams to deploy, monitor, scale and secure their apps quickly without the overhead of writing, deploying, and maintaining manual scripts which can take weeks.

We started with automating AWS and Google Cloud Platform and making it a lot simpler to deploy, scale and secure a cloud infrastructure. Our grand vision is to take the data and learning to build a better cloud.

As a software engineer myself with over 10 years experience, I’ve always been frustrated with the current solutions whether that is AWS’s web console, CloudFormation, Terraform, etc.

I didn’t set out to build Oatfin as a cloud infrastructure automation platform. 2 years ago, I started working on a fintech product to connect lenders and wholesale brokers, but I realized I didn’t have the finance knowledge required and if I wanted to continue down that path, I would need to get an MBA or find someone with finance experience to work on it with me. I connected with a lot investors and startup accelerators, but nothing materialized.

I took a break, worked and consulted for many fintech and healthcare startups and that’s where I really started thinking harder about cloud infrastructure. Everywhere I worked at, cloud infrastructure was a major recurring problem. Some examples:

  • 3–4 months to deploy an infrastructure
  • Lack of visibility into the apps
  • Security
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Lack of technical support
  • Expert knowledge of networking/infrastructure
  • Manual, tedious, and time consuming process

What eventually formed the basis of the app was a simple python script I wrote to automate the deployment of an infrastructure. The app uses Flask as a backend while the frontend uses React with Typescript.