I’m hoping to write weekly on Sunday and talk about the features we ship weekly, fundraising, customer wins, programs, etc. I find that forcing myself to write about the week forces me to get stuff done to write about!

It will be very technical sometimes to target the more technical audience.

It’s been 2 years since I incorporated Oatfin, but I feel now we’re really making progress. The last couple years, we went through a few programs that prepared us. In 2021, we went through the Google for Startups Founders Academy. That was a 6 months program and culminated in Oatfin getting funded through the Google for Startups Black Founders Fund.

In 2022, we went through Lightship Capital’s Bootcamp, then we did another program with Google called Black+ TechAmplify. Late 2022, we also started a year long development program with Accenture where we have the chance to do paid pilots with their clients. In the last quarter of 2022, we got accepted to Visible Hands’ accelerator program and got our pre-seed funding.

We kicked off our seed fundraising in October 2022. We have a number of investors who are interested, but we have to get a lead investor who is excited about the space. We are actively looking for a lead investor and would love introduction to investors who are excited about the cloud and developer tools space.

Last week we shipped more features:

  1. ChainĀ deployments. For example, service A depends on service B. Scheduling service A for deployment automatically runs service B 15 minutes before. Some use cases: making a database change before deploying an API or deploying the API before deploying the UI.
  2. Enable team management and invite team members to collaborate on Oatfin. Our business model is very simple: we charge $249/user per month for the SaaS model billed yearly and $2,999/user per year for the on-premise solution.

This week, I’m finishing up the deployment scheduling and tackling compliance automation, but the heavy lifting is targeted for February. Since we have the cloud infrastructure, compliance automation is the next logical step. Compliance is a major problem for a lot of enterprise companies as well as startups.

I’m also looking forward to 2 great programs this week that will hopefully help us get to the next level starting both January 25:

  1. AWS CTO Fellowship is a 5 weeks program for seed stage startups. It is a community of over 3,000 and growing early-stage and venture-backed CTOs. It is designed to provide early-stage CTOs with technical resources, guidance and community. The program consists of short weekly sessions with CTOs from top late-stage startups covering a different theme each week.
  2. Bolster Ready to Raise is the first Bolster for Startups program in 2023. They are partnering with Jenny Fielding of The Fund to help founders work through a tight fundraising process.

Thanks for reading!