We are super excited to announce that Oatfin will be part of the Google For Startups Founders Academy! At Oatfin, our mission is to enable software engineers to deliver cloud applications faster through self-service automation. We do for software engineers what self-checkout does for retail stores. We enable them to be more agile and remove dependency on platform teams to deliver cloud applications.

The Google For Startup Founders Academy begins on March 3rd and consists of hands-on workshops across a range of topics including customer acquisition, hiring, fundraising, and tech enablement. We are one of 50 high-potential startups that the Google for Startups team selected for the first nationwide cohort. Last year, it was piloted in Atlanta with 45 Georgia based companies.

With Google’s advanced technologies and their sophisticated ecosystem of cutting edge tools, we are excited about how that will help us further our mission. We plan to leverage Google Cloud to further enable developers to deliver cloud applications faster.