In this edition of Cloud Musings, I thought I would dive into user analytics from Google Analytics from the last couple of years. Some people find it useful, but I think we are still early to have meaningful user data.

As we get more data, we will want to double down on the channels that bring the most bang for the buck. We are not there yet. In fact, we have done no marketing or any kind of advertising. Ideally, we’ll be doing marketing where developers hang out like Github, Gitlab, etc.

For the analytics, blue bars represent 2021 and the red bars represent 2022. I’m doing this for both the website as well as the app. I also made a quick video to show this data from Google Analytics here.

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As we can see from 2021 to 2022, we had a massive user growth. In particular, we went from 482 new users in 2021 to 1905 new users in 2022. The number of sessions and page views grew accordingly.

Diving into the different acquisition channels, a lot of the traffic came from direct hits. My guess is that a lot of people prefer to type in the browser as opposed to click on a link. I personally do that especially when Google search shows an ad, but I don’t want to click on the ad, so I would type in the address in the browser. Also, I think Google Analytics count email as direct hits. We did a lot of email cold outreach.

As for social channels, I only use Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s not a lot of hits, but it’s still significant to see that people are coming from Twitter and LinkedIn. property:

For the app, I’m using Google Analytics v4 and I’ve found it less useful than Google Analytics v3. There isn’t as much details to dive in. Here we see the user growth.

Here you can see the different user acquisition channels. Again, a lot of the users come from direct hits, few organic search, and referrals for both 2021 and 2022. That’s very much what I expected.

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